Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Next Adventure

Another month, another country.  Or so it seems this year.  

I left off blogging when in Iraq because at the end there was very little to say. Or more precisely, there was, and is, a lot I saw and wanted to say related to what I was seeing, but the greater part was work related - and that is boring to most readers and also not useful to those who would have read and understood.  Plus there was almost no situation in which I could go to the places I wanted, or take the photos to share with you.  So everything is in my memory.  Maybe in a little while I'll do a summary on it all.

Meanwhile, before getting to where I am now, I had the sheerly unpredictable amusement and bemusement of finding myself rolled back into working with the company I had worked with in 2005/2006.  In consequence I've just spent three weeks in the US (and 3 days in Brasil) working on an interesting new project.  Now they all have to do somethings I'm back to what I intended for myself.

I am in India!

Last time I was here, I was nine years old (February 1966) and we were sailing in a cruise liner from Australia to Italy.  We put into Bombay for a night - and of course we went ashore.  I can still remember almost everything - the warm humid night, the dark shadows sundered by the rich primary colors of saris, the suffusion of scents and smells, cracked streets crushed by people shopping even in the evening, the desperately poor children.  I remember the squared, holed and dentellated coins and the same exuberant differentness of the Gate of India by the sea.

Now I am in Mumbai's airport, waiting for a connection to Hyderabad, where I am going to rest a bit, help a friend with his business plan and, ironically, see what I can do to move MSGI business in the region.

And, of course, like all airports in the Middle East and Asia, there's free WiFi - unlike in Europe and US (could they learn a trick or two in marketing please?)  So I can write and post this.  

My journal is back in business!