Friday, November 23, 2007

Lazy Days

Well the reason I haven’t posted anything in the last few days is that there really isn’t much to tell.

Sunrise over my place
I have been in the base camp all the time, where nothing much happens at all.

I’ve been invited twice to dinners to celebrate a birthday and a departure. That I appreciate as it breaks the monotony of the time here and it was a moment when I could see some of the people unwind a little.

Other than that, I wander around the camp, feeling rather like a Russian dissident consigned to a none too rigorous exile in Siberia. The weather is different of course. But the warm sunny days are becoming cooler; a fresh wind blows from the north west. Dawns are beautiful. Some are a liquid indigo that azures as the sun rises, others are mixed with fine muslin clouds that tingle with a saffron-pink glow as the rays touch them.

The drivers and their workers start their shift at 05:45. Since I now know most of them, and since working hours are equally shifted to the early morning here, I’m often up to say good morning and wave them off. Then its breakfast by 06:15, clean up the room and hit the office by 7 am. When I’m in camp, most of what I need to do here I’ve done by 9 am, the rest of the time being taken up by wandering around and seeing what people are up to. In the evening I watch a movie I downloaded earlier. Tomorrow I’ll go out again to tour the base (thank goodness).

I’m sitting now under the covered patio by the cabin I’m staying in. To my left is a small garden with a green lawn, shaded by a simple cloth canopy. A couple of young palm trees frame my view over the parking lot.

I’ve missed taking fotos of two really beautiful dawns and one good sunset. Time to take out the camera and post a couple of pics!

Sunrise over the perimeter fence

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  1. It all sounds gratifyingly calm... too calm...