Thursday, July 10, 2008


As though I hadn't enough of visiting Sentosa's LunaPark, I could not resist taking Marcia to MarineLand by Antibes.

So after the obligatory shopping at Carrefour up the valley from Nice, we buzzed off along the coast and played around in the Park for a while.

The dolphins did the same tricks as in Singapore, the orcas splashedaround while their trainers dressed like the guy in the movie 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', and the seals did a better job than every one else put together.

There was an additional attraction - some raptors; eagles and vultures that basically flew from trainer to trainer in exchange for gobbets of meat (hopefully bought in Carrefour too).

At the end of the day we played crazy golf, which here is crazy because the course hasn't been tended in years so its crazy to try to get any sensible score out of it.

One of those great days with someone I love very much.

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