Friday, January 02, 2009

Bye Bye Cabrio ...

Today Paul came to pick up the Peugeot Cabrio I've had for many years. For the last two it's essentially been off the road as I can no longer insure it, the reason being I'm no longer resident in France (where it is registered) and it's way too much of a hassle and too costly to import it into Italy - which I can't anyway coz its not insured in France. Catch 22 European style, designed to make you buy local and, of course, pay fees to notaries and taxes to the authorities. So he knows someone who might buy it over-the-border.

Pity to see it go - the car has given me no problems in the ten years I've owned it - it still has style and I do like cabriolets.

Now I have to dump the old Lancia Y10 also, which leaves the Skoda for Marcia. If I'm not much at home I don't need the extra stuff. In fact, would be good to start to unload all the other things I don't really need or use either.

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