Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Snow cancels work day !

I was supposed to go by train up to Milan and Brescia today; as usual that meant sleeping little as was worried about not waking up to the sound of the alarm.

During the night I had gone out to the bathroom (i.e. the laundry room) and saw the clouds had slipped so far down the hills that if I reached up I could just about touch them. The wind was strong, freezing and full of the finest rain - basically cloud mist. I definitely was not looking forward to a train ride into Lombardy.

Fortunately at 8am I got a call telling me not to bother; the snows in the north were deep and crisp and even.

OK! Home day!

Marcia surprised me with a cup of coffee; I surprised her with 'guess what, I'm here today' - to which she said 'well why didn't you come down and tell me earlier?' True, but the bed was deliciously warm, I didn't want to get up ..

I did, of course and the sight before me when I walked out onto the top terrace was, for here, unbelievable. There was ice on the wooden pergola - and on the hill behind the house, snow! Aarrgh!

Went down to the kitchen and looked out of the windows there - yep, snow over the valley too. I didn't leave northern Europe for this!

Then I realized, over another cup of hot (yes!) coffee that a couple of fotos would be good for the record. So here they are :-)

Rest of day was spent in making lunch and making shelves in the the cellar so I can better store my work tools and stuff.

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