Saturday, May 17, 2008

Independence Day

It's Norwegian Independence Day!

And my birthday too, of course ...

I'm at home in Andora, where it's cooler then it should be, with dark clouds glowering over the hills just above me and the occasional spattering of rain.

The flag is the same flag my Grandfather flew from his house when he lived in Trieste, on the other side of Italy, back in the 1930s.

The foto on the right was also taken on Norwegian Independence Day - exactly 70 years ago in 1938.

The old royal Italian flag is flying as well - that's my father with his hands on it just out of shot.

The women next to the Norwegian flag are, from left to right, Aunt Reidun, Grandmother Mabel and Aunt Gerd.

Here's a couple more fotos for the occasions! The usual bubbly and candles. The cake came separately ...
Visual proof I've got this far, hehe!

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