Thursday, May 22, 2008

Flight to New York

Yesterday I flew from Nice (yes its in France but its the nearest big airport to my home) by way of Frankfurt to Newark, New Jersey.

Easy flight all the way. The wait in Frankfurt was not too long, the flight was reasonably OK, the views over Europe almost non-existent thanks to heavy cloud cover.

Once over the Atlantic the flight cut inland, so this time I got to see the St Laurence River and all the communities in Upper Canada and upstate New York.

The pilot took a big loop around New York to avoid some really low, heavy clouds. Everything was fine until the landing, which was a bit rough thanks to the crosswind. 747s really don't like croswinds ...

I was supposed to meet with some people on arrival - the meeting got moved so I went direct to the hotel and dumped everything. This looks a pretty good deal.

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