Friday, May 30, 2008

Liberty, Texas

I'm in Liberty, Texas, about 45 km north east of Houston. This is where a company in which the US operation I collaborate with has their base.

Liberty was founded in 1831, third oldest city in the state, I suppose as a village to supply local ranchers or something. Just under 200 years later its a classic two street town, one of which is called Main St (couldn't find Elm) strung out on Highway 90 leading from Houston to Port Arthur.

The scenery around here is quite flat - almost like the plains of Mesopotamia but with more vegetation thanks to the constant humidity. The Hispanic influence is there, not in the towns or the buildings but in some of the people and the so-called Mexican restaurants.

Went into one last night to pick up some food (its TexMex, not Mexican, but this I know already) and said few words in Spanish to the Latino waiter. He can't speak or understand it. Now that surprised me. The room cleaners in hotel can; they look like square-faced Olmeca, so either they are from Guatemala or northern Mexico and their living style has fallen into American ways.

I though I might spend a weekend in San Antonio de Bejar, but its not to be. Saturday I have to fly to Vancouver instead to conclude something.

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