Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve and the sun shines bright through the window again. Quick check of the internet and I'm down for a coffee, fix the garden gate, move TVs and wrap presents.

My next door neighbor tells me water is leaking through one of the terraces (I know already) and gives me a bottle of home made white wine for Christmas. Marcia gets upset and goes into one of her withdrawals, which is really unfortunate. I know she manages the distance and separation very well, and looks after everything the very best she can (which is a lot given my unfailing ability to leave things an unfinished mess).

It's very hard for a lovely women of 34 to live an isolate life in an unfriendly country, with little social life and an inability to find and hold good friends. Not what either of us intended those fifteen years ago when we first met on a warm, sunny beach in Copacabana.

The sun has gone, low clouds cover the sky. The wood fire is lit, the lights glisten on the tree. A cake is in the oven, soon to be followed by a roasting duck. Italian TV is showing 'Sissi' again for the ten millionth time.

It's Christmas Eve, and I'm home.

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