Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Deliveries

It's supposed to be freezing cold today but no-one said anything about the hurricane force wind. The laundry room door is blasted off its hinges again. This time there's no saving it - will have to remake it over the next week.

I'm up early but Marcia is sleeping in late today - the banging shutters kept her awake while I was snoring away in my bedroom. Reheated coffee, cut a slice of the chocolate cake and relatched some of the shutters and doors so they banged less and Marcia could sleep more.

Drove over to Bordighera to share Christmas with my mother and brother, who live there while Paul teaches some students there as part of an EU funded program. Good to see them, in good health and in the warmth of a wooden cabin on a campsite there. Much better than the damp, cold, concrete apartments of recent years.

Lots of presents, of food, of drink and of talk later, headed back home in the evening to a slightly chillier Marcia, who hates it when I visit the other side of my family.

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